Joint Liturgical Group 

of Great Britain



In 1990 the Joint Liturgical Group published a collection essays Singing the Faith on hymnody and the Churches. In recognition that words and music continue to be an area where there is both commonality and difference members of the present Group have written a number of essays reflecting some of the wide range of issues which hymns inspire.

The Purpose of a Hymn Book
Norman Wallwork looks at some of the common issues that face hymn book editors and wonders if a common hymn book is possible.

The Purpose of the a Hymn Book
Politics and Hymns

James Milne consider the long history of the affairs of the world being included in hymns.


Politics and Hymns (pdf)


Hymns in the Public Space

Andrew Barr drawing on his long experience with the BBC reflects on the place of hymns in society and asks if we are moving to a digital wilderness.


Hymns in the Public Space (pdf)