Joint Liturgical Group 

of Great Britain

About the JLG

The JLG exists:

  • To be a creative working group. It offers rites and texts to the churches and ecumenical bodies, and advises and comments on worship matters. Work produced by the JLG is offered to churches to use as they see fit.
  • To act for the churches, or for groups of churches, where this is useful and appropriate.
  • To join with the English Language Liturgical Consultation and other international bodies concerned with English-language worship.
  • To serve the liturgical needs of congregations linked to more than one British church.
  • To liaise with bodies and officers who have responsibility in different churches for worship matters. The JLG assists in the exchange of liturgical news between the churches.
  • Membership of the group.


The birth of JLG and its contribution to the concept of ecumenical-liturgical co-operation — a paper given by Donald Gray at a Joint Liturgical Group conference at Ushaw College, Durham, 2005


Prebendary C Norman R Wallwork Chair


    JLG Day Conference – Shaping our Everyday Prayer
    — 22 September 2021