Joint Liturgical Group 

of Great Britain


Chair — Prebendary C Norman R Wallwork (Methodist Church)

Minutes & Membership Secretary — Revd Canon James Milne

Treasurer — Mr WC (Bill) Gabb (Free Churches Group)

Archivist — Revd Dr Jennifer Smith (Methodist Church)

Revd Peter Colwell (CTBI)

Dr John Davies (Scottish Episcopal Church)

Mr Martin Foster (RC – England & Wales)

Revd Dr Ana Gobledale (United Reformed Church)

Revd Catherine Haynes (Church in Wales)

Revd Sam King (Baptist Union of Great Britain)

Sue Moore (Church of England)

Dr Matthew Salisbury (Church of England)

Very Rev David Canon Wallace (RC – Scotland)

The Reverend Alexander Fostiropoulos (The Orthodox Community)

The Reverend Jonathan How (RC – England and Wales)

The Reverend MaryAnn Rennie (Church of Scotland)

awaiting appointment (Council of Lutheran Churches)



     JLG Day Conference
    — March 2019