Joint Liturgical Group 

of Great Britain

ELLC — English Language Liturgical Consultation

The English Language Liturgical Consultation (ELLC) is an international ecumenical body offering liturgical support to the English-speaking churches of the world similar to what JLG provides within Great Britain.

It consists of national (or regional) liturgical groups of ecumenical composition and one international body from one Church tradition (the Roman Catholic group, ICEL). Each body is represented by two representatives appointed by the member bodies. JLG is represented by its Chairman and Secretary. The Holy Synod and Patriarch of Constantinople also send a delegate. ELLC is chaired by two co-chairs – one appointed by ICEL, the other appointed by the national associations.

ELLC has a plenary delegates’ meeting every two years. In the interim period its work is undertaken by a Standing Committee.

ELLC’s Responsibilities

ELLC main responsibilities are:

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